Saturday, May 31, 2014

When Is Enough Enough When It Comes To Alcohol Addiction?

How Much Can Your Body Take ?

When someone has an addiction to alcohol, and they have been abusing alcohol for so many years, when is enough enough when it comes to an alcohol addiction?
When is it time to make a change in ones life, and get clean and sober before it is too late?
Alcohol addiction is a horrible thing. I know I was there for many years and to tell you the truth I thought I had NO problem whatsoever, even though so many people thought so different.
If your are addicted to alcohol and abuse alcohol to the point that you need it everyday of the week, you must have looked in the mirror and have seen the difference in yourself.
Did you, or do you see someone different staring back at you in that mirror? Are you afraid of what you see or you just don't care at all? Are you in denial and thinking you have no problem with the alcohol you drink each and everyday?
Are you the type of person that knows you have a addiction to alcohol but are to a shamed to ask for the help you need to get and stay sober?
Deep down inside you, you must know there is a huge problem with the life you lead. I knew that problem, but I was too embarrassed to ask or admit I needed help.
When do you think enough is enough when it comes to stopping drinking? Would it be when your body starts to shut down because of the abuse you put it through all the years of drinking alcohol?
Would it be time to say goodbye to your addiction to alcohol when a Doctor tells you your liver is shot and there is no repairing it now.
Would those words be enough to say, "I am going to get sober and stop drinking alcohol." I would certainly hope so.
I realize that trying to break the horrible habit of drinking and abusing alcohol is a huge task. I know I was there back in October of 2009 when I said enough was enough and I needed to stop drinking alcohol forever.

When Is the Time to Stop Drinking Forever?

If you are an alcoholic, and know you have a problem, then what measures should you take in order to change your life around for the better and start living the clean life?
  • First off, you must get out of the denial you are living in and realize you need to stop drinking and get sober.
  • You need to look into that mirror and see who is looking back at you. Are you happy with who is looking at you, or are you a shamed of what you have become because of an avoidable alcohol addiction.
  • Are you proud to say you are an alcoholic or are you embarrassed to even mention it to anyone?
  • Do you like the way your body has changed over the years of drinking, such as weight gain or weight loss?
  • Do you hide from those that do not drink alcohol and drink alone?
  • Are you happy with your family life, such as your spouse, children, parents and friends?
  • Are those people fed up with you and your addiction to alcohol?
  • Are your family and friends beginning to stay distant from you because of you addiction?
I can go on and on, but you get what I am saying, I hope. You need to sit down and take a good hard look at your life and the lives of those that love and care for you.
You have to want sobriety for yourself and not be forced into living a clean and sober life, because I have found that if you don't want sobriety in your life, no person or place will make that happen without the will and pure determination of the alcoholic.
You need to help yourself before any place or person can help you. You have to have it in your heart and soul that you want a better life for yourself and your family, and until you want it for yourself, things will be a bit rough getting and staying sober.
I am not a Doctor or a Therapist, but through my experience of drinking alcohol I know if you don't want to change your life, then recovery is in the distant future until you are 110 % ready to change and get sober on your terms and not someone that is forcing you to get sober.
I did it and so can you my friends. With the willingness, determination and huge desire to make your life right, you can and will get and stay sober.
Once you take that first step towards sobriety, never let anyone or anything get in your way or try to stop your road to recovery. There will be lots of things that may happen in your life as they happened in my life once I got sober, BUT never let it get to you to the point of picking up that drink to drown your problems and sorrows.
If so, it will be the worst mistake of your life and believe me, you will be so disappointed in yourself by letting the demons take control of your body again.
Be STRONG and stand up to the addiction to alcohol that could of, or did ruin your life once before. Believe and you will achieve sobriety my friends!!

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  1. Hi Mark, I don't see my comment so I will publish it again. I am glad that you were strong enough to stand up to your demons and follow through with your decision to stay sober. you are right. sobriety is a personal decision and unless you are 110% sure that is what you want to do and not because you were told by others.


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