Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Beauty Of Life Without Being Addicted To Alcohol

Do You Have a Beautiful Life?

Life is so precious to all of us living here on earth. The problem is with many of us is that we just don't appreciate life in general. Many people turn to alcohol and drugs thinking that life would be wonderful being drunk or high.
We get into these addictions thinking, wow life is so great. Life seems so beautiful through the eyes of a drunk or a addict. They think things are brighter and better being drunk or high. They don't know that the beauty of life without being addicted to alcohol or drugs is a million times brighter and better than being addicted.
Many people think that being sober is a dull life, and how in the world can you have any fun in life being sober? I must say, that one point in my life I thought the same thing. I always wondered and looked at people that didn't drink alcohol and thought, "man their life must be dull and I am sure they don't have any fun being sober everyday of their life." Boy was I ever wrong thinking that. When I changed my life around and became clean and sober, I looked back at those words spoken so often and then said, "how can anyone enjoy this life we were given being drunk or high?"

How Things Changed

How things change in life and the thoughts of how life would be being drunk verses a clean and sober life.
Ask yourself sometime, are you living a quality life, and are you happy with your life or is there something you would like to change to make you life better.
If you are not content with the way your one and only life is, then how about doing something to change it. If you are one of those that has an addiction to drugs or alcohol stand your grounds and get sober. You will see how beautiful life is through the eyes of a sober person just as I did two years ago.
I have to tell you, surrendering to my addiction to alcohol was the best thing I could have ever done in my entire life and I truly mean that.
My life is so much calmer and things now go so much smoother then when I drank. I thought when I drank things went well, but that was the alcohol talking and not my mind. My life was a total mess thanks to my alcohol demons.
As I said in many hubs, you are the only one that can make your own life better. Your life is in your own hands and if you are not happy with the way you life is, then I would strongly suggest you make a move to change it, as I did.
I have no regrets of leaving my addiction to alcohol behind. Life is now beautiful and I can see the future being bigger and brighter.
Miracles do happen to those who believe in them.

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