Friday, December 26, 2014

Sober 2015 New Years Coming Soon - Will You Break ?

Well, in one week we will all be celebrating another New Years. The years fly by so fast, and for me, it will be one more sober New Years.

Sober 2015 New Years coming soon.  Will you break, or will you be strong enough to say no one more time?  For all of us alcoholics that used to drink like there was no tomorrow on New Years and in fact, everyday of the year, we need to stay strong and not let anyone or anything make us break and take that sip of alcohol no matter what day it is during the years and that includes New Years.

For me, if I took one sip of alcohol and got that taste on my tongue I would be doomed.  I truly think it would be the same for millions of alcoholics that have gotten clean and sober.

I am not about to take that chance and I would highly recommend anyone that has found his/her sobriety not to take that chance either.  It is truly NOT worth what the outcome would be.  If you happen to break, or as I call it, RELAPSE, YOU WILL NOT forgive yourself!

I can not imagine how I would feel if I took that drink on New Years, because that one drink will indeed lead to one more and then possibly all night of drinking, because you would probably think to yourself, "I drank already so what is the difference between one drink and many in the same night?" The damage is done!

For me, I would be so disappointed in myself, not to say how disappointed our family, spouses, children, etc. would feel after you and I have done so well with your sobriety over the years.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to drink and party away celebrating the New Years 2015, but I know I can not have one drink.  I know my body, and how I am, so why take that chance?

Please, if you feel the urge to drink while at a 2015 New Years party, STOP and think what you are about to do to yourself before you take that sip of alcohol. If you are strong enough the urge will pass!

So in ending, I want to wish everyone a Safe, Sober and Happy New Years.  And especially to all my Sober friends.  We live life everyday sober, and this New Years is NO different.  It is only another day of the year, with a title to it.  It is no different than all the other days of the year we live sober.

Think before you drink my friends!  Everyone of us SOBER men and ladies can have just as much fun on New Years, Sober, in fact, this will be my 5th Sober New Years and I have a blast at each one of them and I will have a blast this New Years 2015 and wake up the next morning remembering the evening, and with NO HANGOVER!

God Bless each and every person on Earth.  Be strong and say NO to Alcohol and Drugs.

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