Thursday, December 19, 2013

Finding The Willpower To Quit Drinking Alcohol

Finding the willpower to quit drinking takes some real doings.  I should know, it was the hardest thing I'd ever done.

My question to myself was, "what will my life be like if I stop drinking alcohol?" Will I get sick, or will I be bored to death with the new life I will have with alcohol not in my life?

The way I finally quit drinking alcohol back in October of 2009 was, I finally admitted I truly had a alcohol problem and I got out of the denial I was living in for so long.  That was number one, and the first step towards my sobriety and my new life.

It truly takes willpower to say NO I don't want and alcohol ever again. For someone like myself and for all those that do have an addiction to alcohol it is really hard to say goodbye to something you love and for something that has been a huge part of your life for so many years.

You need that positive attitude telling yourself that you can and will beat this addiction to alcohol.  Being negative and thinking you may not be able to get sober will make this harder than you think.

You need to be in the right frame of mind.  You have to want to get sober on your own and not be forced into something you are just not ready to do yet.  Once you have had enough of your life and want a new life for yourself, and those that love and care for you, you will be on the right track to sobriety.

The willpower to say, No I don't drink anymore is something I thought I'd never say in my life, but it happened and I am proud to say, "I don't drink anymore!"

Anyone can stop drinking like I did, but you must want it first and foremost!  If sobriety is not in your heart and soul, it will never work.

Ask for Professional Help to get you on the right track and get yourself clean and sober.  It is never too late to change your life and those lives around you, because remember, your family is suffering right along with you and your addiction.

Give yourself the gift of life, and get and stay sober.  You will never be sorry you did.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

What Is Stopping You From Achieving Sobriety ?

Too many people that are addicted to alcohol want a better life, but really have no idea where to start, or may be afraid of becoming clean and sober.  What is stopping you from achieving sobriety?  Do you have any idea what the problem may be, or are you living in denial and just don't want to admit you have a drinking problem?

If you are one of those people that are living in denial, you had better take a good hard look at your life and the lives surrounding you that love and care for you.

You are not only hurting your self by living in denial, but you are destroying other lives on the way to your self-destruction.  As you look into the eyes of your spouse, your children or even your parents, think to yourself what you love more.  A bottle of liquid that will sooner or later kill you, or the people looking in your eyes that love and care so much for you and want the best for you.  They want you to live a long and healthy life, in which you will not if you don't get out of the denial you are living in and get sobriety back into your life again.

So the huge question to you is, "what is stopping you from changing your life and achieving long term sobriety?"

  • Is it that you are simply afraid of change?
  • Is that you are afraid of what your drinking buddies will think of you if you stopped drinking alcohol?
  • Are you afraid of how your body will react with the abstinence of alcohol?
  • Are you in so much denial that you think you have no drinking problem whatsoever?
  • Do you think you will be bored without drinking alcohol everyday?
  • Do you think you would not be able to get along in life without your crutch?
So do any of the above ring a bell to you at all?  I bet they do as they did for me when I wanted to finally surrender to my addiction to alcohol back in October 2009.

I never thought in a million years I would be able to stop drinking alcohol, but I sure fooled myself, and the reason I was able to beat my addiction to alcohol was that I had a positive attitude and keep telling myself that I would conquer this addiction I had once and for all, and make sobriety a part of my life once again.

***You can do the same thing if you have it in your heart and soul, and have the willingness, desire and the determination to change you life and get clean and sober.***

Believe me, sure it was a hard road in the beginning, but as time passed by, each day got easier and easier to be able live without alcohol in my life and it will be the same for you.  Try sobriety, you might just love it as I have the last three years and going strong.

  • Believe in yourself.
  • Love yourself enough to make a change in your life, and in the lives of those that love and care about you.
  • Be proud of your accomplishment.
  • Don't be embarrassed of your addiction.
  • Ask for the help you need in order to get clean and sober and have long term sobriety in your life.
  • If you feel as if you can not get sober by yourself then get the Professional help you need to make sobriety happen.
  • Keep a Positive Attitude at all times.
  • Never stop believing in yourself.
  • Don't let anyone or anything stop you from achieving your sobriety.
  • If you wind up losing your drinking buddies, then so be it.
  • Stay clear of all the places and people that may influence you about drinking alcohol.
Best of luck to all those that want to change their lives and get clean and sober.

Here are a few links of other sites I write on regarding my experiences with alcohol and way I have found that helped me get and stay sober.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Never Give Up Hope

Never give up hope refers to anything in life, especially if you are having a tough time in your life right now.  This also goes for trying to stop drinking alcohol as well.

I know how hard it is to stop drinking, because I went through this in October 2009 when I finally decided I had enough and I needed to get help, or simply stop drinking on my own.  I was fortunate that I could stop drinking on my own, but many people that are addicted to alcohol may just need some professional help so that they can detox in a safe and healthy manner.

I took a huge chance when I went cold turkey, and believe me I was afraid that something horrible would happen to me, but I never gave up on myself and never gave up hope, "meaning, can I get through these days, weeks and months with out relapsing?"

Each day that passed by and I woke up in the morning, I said to myself, "I made it one more day sober."  I was so proud of myself and all those that spoke of my addiction to alcohol felt just as proud of what I was doing to change my life and live that life clean and sober.

With that said, others that may not have an addiction to alcohol or any type of addiction at all, such as drugs, but may have other problems in their lives, such as financial problems, losing a job or having no job at all. Marriage problems sometimes can be associated with the last few things I mentioned above.

Whatever problem you have in your life, never give up hope and always think with a positive attitude, because thinking with a negative attitude will not help, and will not solve a thing.

For the people with that addiction to alcohol, having a positive attitude will indeed help you get and stay sober.  It did for me, but the first time I tried to get sober it didn't work for the fact that I simply wasn't ready to give up alcohol and change my life.

Getting out of denial was the hardest thing for me, because I thought I had NO problem at all with my drinking, although many people in my life thought different, and in the long run, they were the ones that were right, and I was dead wrong.

I guess the ticket here is, to have sobriety back into your life is just to admit that you are an alcoholic and need help.  Once you have admitted that, and got out of denial you have been living in for so long, you will have taken that first step towards having a new life, and living that life clean and sober.

Without having hope in life, I don't know what would make things better in your life and mine as well.  So please don't give up on anything in life including getting and staying sober.

I you have an addiction to alcohol, or know someone that does, here are a couple of great sites that may help you if you want to give up alcohol. and start living the life that you were put on this earth to live and that is a sober life.

Here is an Ebook I published regarding my addiction to alcohol.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Will Sobriety Make Me A Happier Person ?

When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, sobriety is the last thing on their mind because the addiction they have and live with over runs their body and minds.  They even often ask themselves, "will sobriety make me a happier person?" Since I got clean and sober over three years ago I couldn't be happier.

Believe it or not, finding sobriety will be the first day of the rest of your sober life, and anyone that wants a better life for them selves and their family should really consider getting clean and sober and try sobriety out.  You will never regret this huge life change, I am proof of it.

You will be surprised of how many good things come out of being sober.  Life is a beautiful thing and so many people abuse alcohol and drugs and miss out on some of the best years of their lives all because of an avoidable addiction.

Finding sobriety in ones life is really right in front of them.  The only problem is that many people with an addiction don't really care to be sober.  They are so used to being drunk or high and forget about what life is really about.

If you want to know ways to stop drinking alcohol there are so many websites that you can go to that will help you get on that road to recovery.  That is exactly what I did over three years ago.  You can read comments on those sites from people just like you that are struggling to get sober just as you are.

As far as being a happier person if you were sober that answer is yes, at least it is for myself.  You will feel so great about yourself and proud that you have beat the demons that have been running your life for so long.

Your family will also be so proud of the decision that you made to get clean and sober.  You will wake up each morning feeling great with no hangovers and ready to take on the day with a clear head, instead of feeling like crap the entire day until you get that first drink of the day. and that cycle will go on and on day after day if you continue to drink alcohol.

Don't let alcohol control your life and those that love and care for you anymore.  Take that first step towards sobriety and stop drinking alcohol and live the life you should be living, being happy and healthy.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Do You Think You Are An Alcoholic ?

So what do you think?  Do you think you are an alcoholic, or do you think you don't have any problem whatsoever regarding your alcohol intake?

What questions should you ask yourself regarding being an alcoholic or just a social drinker?

  • Do you need to have alcohol in your system each and everyday of the week?
  • Are you a miserable person if you don't have alcohol for just one day?
  • Do you stay away from places you are invited to if they are not providing alcohol and make any excuse not to go?
  • Do you feel like crap each and everyday you wake up?
  • Do you live with a negative attitude?
  • Have you lost your self esteem?
  • Do you drink alone?
  • Do you get nasty and say things you wouldn't normally say when you are drunk?
  • Do you make excuses of why you are feeling bad, when you know for a fact you are hungover?
  • Is alcohol the first on your mind when you wake up in the morning?
  • Have you ever said to yourself that you wanted to stop drinking alcohol, but thought you wouldn't be able to?
  • Are you afraid to stop drinking for the fear of getting sick?
  • Are you afraid to stop drinking because of what your drinking buddies would think of you?
  • Is alcohol getting in the way of your marriage and family?
  • Can you see the difference in your family's reactions when you walk into a room?
  • Do you notice people may stay distant from you when you are drinking?
Well, how do you think you did? Did you answer YES to any questions, and if so, you just may have a problem alcohol.  So own up to it as I did, and I might add, those questions when from my own experience with alcohol addiction.  I have been sober for over three (3) years and darn proud of it.
Yes, I lost lots of friends when I stopped drinking alcohol, but my family and my life were far more important than any drinking buddy.  I did it and so can you if you have the right frame of mind, a positive attitude and the strong will and desire to stop drinking alcohol forever.

Don't get me wrong.  I have nothing against drinking alcohol if it is done in a responsible way and not abuse it each and everyday of the year.

If you believe in yourself, and tell yourself you can and will get and stay sober, it will happen!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tips On How I Stopped Drinking Alcohol

Here are some tips on how I stopped drinking alcohol and have been clean and sober for over 3 years now. 

First and foremost you need to want to get clean and sober and have to honest with yourself.  You can not cheat and say, "I will only drink on Holidays and weekends, like I did in the beginning of my partial sobriety.

If you know you have an addiction to alcohol and want to get sober, then it has to be all the way or nothing.  I thought that I could drink on weekends and Holidays, but it didn't work for too long.  The weekend drinking then went into one more day of the week and then no drinking for the rest of the week.  I was only kidding myself, but thought I was bringing peace to the household by not drinking alcohol for half of the week.

If you are like me and always needed alcohol in your life each and everyday of the week, then there is no happy medium for us.  There has to be a commitment to yourself that if you were to stop drinking alcohol, it has to be totally and not drink a couple days a week.  It didn't work for me and more than likely it will not work for you if you have an addiction to alcohol like I did.

So, the first thing you need to do is to want sobriety back into your life.  You need to change your outlook in life and stop feeling sorry for yourself and saying, "poor me, why is nothing going right in my life."  You need to change your attitude and make it a positive attitude and stop being so negative in your life.  Trust me, if you have a positive attitude and have a very strong desire to get sober and stay sober, than you have made a great decision and you will get sober with that attitude.

You can not think to yourself, Oh it will be too hard to get sober so why ever try to stop drinking alcohol.  That is one shitty attitude, and with that kind of attitude, you will continue to drink alcohol until the day you day from it.

Nothing great in life is easy, and that goes for getting and staying sober forever.  Everyday you will face alcohol somewhere in your day, but you must stay strong and not let the demons come back into your life and start taking full control over the one and only life you have.

This is the cover of my Ebook titled "My Life With Alcohol Addiction."

It simply explains when and why I started to drink.  It was to hide from my problems and as I continued to drink I became more addicted and that lasted for 33 years of my life.

My Ebook

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