Friday, January 25, 2013

Never Give Up Hope

Never give up hope refers to anything in life, especially if you are having a tough time in your life right now.  This also goes for trying to stop drinking alcohol as well.

I know how hard it is to stop drinking, because I went through this in October 2009 when I finally decided I had enough and I needed to get help, or simply stop drinking on my own.  I was fortunate that I could stop drinking on my own, but many people that are addicted to alcohol may just need some professional help so that they can detox in a safe and healthy manner.

I took a huge chance when I went cold turkey, and believe me I was afraid that something horrible would happen to me, but I never gave up on myself and never gave up hope, "meaning, can I get through these days, weeks and months with out relapsing?"

Each day that passed by and I woke up in the morning, I said to myself, "I made it one more day sober."  I was so proud of myself and all those that spoke of my addiction to alcohol felt just as proud of what I was doing to change my life and live that life clean and sober.

With that said, others that may not have an addiction to alcohol or any type of addiction at all, such as drugs, but may have other problems in their lives, such as financial problems, losing a job or having no job at all. Marriage problems sometimes can be associated with the last few things I mentioned above.

Whatever problem you have in your life, never give up hope and always think with a positive attitude, because thinking with a negative attitude will not help, and will not solve a thing.

For the people with that addiction to alcohol, having a positive attitude will indeed help you get and stay sober.  It did for me, but the first time I tried to get sober it didn't work for the fact that I simply wasn't ready to give up alcohol and change my life.

Getting out of denial was the hardest thing for me, because I thought I had NO problem at all with my drinking, although many people in my life thought different, and in the long run, they were the ones that were right, and I was dead wrong.

I guess the ticket here is, to have sobriety back into your life is just to admit that you are an alcoholic and need help.  Once you have admitted that, and got out of denial you have been living in for so long, you will have taken that first step towards having a new life, and living that life clean and sober.

Without having hope in life, I don't know what would make things better in your life and mine as well.  So please don't give up on anything in life including getting and staying sober.

I you have an addiction to alcohol, or know someone that does, here are a couple of great sites that may help you if you want to give up alcohol. and start living the life that you were put on this earth to live and that is a sober life.

Here is an Ebook I published regarding my addiction to alcohol.

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