Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Life Changing Whisper

For a guy like myself that is somewhat hard of hearing, so I've been told by many of people. I certainly heard a life changing whisper from above one night.
It was one of the many drink alone nights in my garage, just me and a invisible friend named "Alcohol Demon". I'm not sure if that's the best way to describe this well know friend to many of us. I can come up with many other names for this so called life destroyer.
You know when you start to drink alcohol, you tend to feel a little better with each drink consumed until you get to the border line of being buzzed and feeling good, to all out being drunk. Once you cross over that fine line to being drunk, you really can't think straight or make any wise decisions, and if you try they don't make any sense whatsoever when you sobered up.
I actually only opened my first beer and was sober as could be, when I heard a calm and peaceful whisper in my head. It stopped me right in my tracks. I said to myself, "did I just hear what I thought I heard"?
The whisper came again and again of the same calm and soothing voice. There is voice in my head, and I think it is God, I said to myself. I set the beer down and just gave my undivided attention to this whisper that continued to repeat in my head. I felt a cool chill all over my body and my body seemed to be tingling all over. It was as if something, or should I say someone had entered my body and started to cleanse me of my fears, worries and my Addiction to Alcohol.
This night was the only night ever, that I truly had a quite and soothing conversation without speaking a word out loud.
If anyone does not BELIEVE then I must say, an experience such as I had will change your life forever and you will then BELIEVE for sure.
God will never let us down, you just need to believe in our creator and love him with all your heart and you will see just how your life will change.
The words that were spoken to me from above where giving me a fair warning of what my life was leading to if I didn't do something about it and change. The voice said "I Will Help You If You Want".. I'll tell you what, it was the most beautiful experience anyone could ever have in their life.
From that moment on I have not touch a single drop of alcohol and never will again. To be perfectly honest I do not even think of it anymore, as if I never drank alcohol in my life. It is truly remarkable of how your life can change within minutes.
If I had continued to tilt that can up and ignored his voice as if I didn't hear anything, I would not be clean and sober today.

He Will Help You and Change Your Life!!

Sobriety Rocks

Yes the voice, the voice that changed my life forever. I never knew how sobriety rocks because I haven't been sober for years. Yes I was sober with a huge hangover each morning and for the rest of the day sober also, but watch out when work was over and I got home.
The alcohol was flowing like I couldn't get enough of it fast enough. I am adding this part of this hub because I feel that I should continue to explain just how one single voice from up above can CHANGE YOUR LIFE like it did for me, but the big thing is that you as an alcoholic or drug addictMUST listen and obey that voice that is trying to save your life and all those lives you are associated with.
You may think I am nuts, crazy or whatever you may think, but I know what I heard, and that voice was enough to stop me in my tracks and sit and listen what had to be said to me. It is your choice to believe me or not believe me, but I would never make up something such as this remarkable experience by any means.
If you know you have an addiction of any sort, I would recommend to reach out for help and listen to our creator. He will help you get that strength to stop drinking and using. All you have to do is to listen real hard and ask God to help you. Don't have anyone around you and just be quiet in a place that has no noise and just listen. If you believe in our God you will hear that voice. Speak to him silently in your mind and you will hear a response.

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  1. A whisper, a feeling of peace you felt taking over you was God speaking to you on that day. With God everything is possible. Change needed to happen otherwise it would of destroyed your family in the long run. wise from your part not to ever touch a drink again.


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