Friday, October 5, 2012

How To Live A Happy Life Without Alcohol In It

Everyone in the world wants to be happy right?  Some of us think that drinking alcohol makes us fun and a happy person, but are you really happy?

How to live a happy life without alcohol in it depends on each one of us and the way we go about or lives.  Whether we just drink to be social or go all out and abuse alcohol. I have nothing against drinking alcohol when it is done responsibly and not abuse it.  I am the first to say I loved drinking alcohol, but it didn't love me, so I had to think what was more important, my addiction to alcohol or my family and my life.

Isn't it funny how people that drink and sometime abuse alcohol thinks that by drinking alcohol they will have a ball at whatever they are doing, whether it be at a party or parking themselves at the bar for hours on end.  Sure it is fun in the beginning until the alcohol started to take effect and your judgement and senses go out the window.

Is it really that fun if you may have said something wrong or mean to someone that really means something to you, and if you were sober those words would of never come out of your mouth.  Is drinking really fun if you leave a function or bar and get pulled over and given a DUI, court date and possibly jail time?  Is drinking alcohol fun if God for bid you were involved in a car crash and possibly hurt or killed a innocent person or persons and ever yourself?

Happiness doesn't ever come from a bottle of alcohol, and we all know that, but for some reason we continue to drink and abuse alcohol thinking our life will be much happier while drinking.

If you think this way you couldn't be more wrong!  Happiness comes from true love, contentment, being positive, loving your family and friends unconditionally, loving your own life and loving yourself enough not to abuse your one and only body with the poison we all call ALCOHOL!

Only if we the alcoholics or those that overdue drinking now and then would only realize that drinking to ease the pain you maybe in, or drown your sorrows because of being in debt or a sickness in the family, or just because you are unhappy WILL NOT solve a thing in your life, it only makes matters worse!

If you want true happiness in your life, don't turn to alcohol.  If you are married and have children, think of something all of you would love to do, or a place you would love to go and just do it.  Spend quality time with your family and friends and do it being sober.  Stop drinking alcohol and abusing it, and live life with sobriety.  Believe me you won't be sorry for this life change! Your body will indeed thank you for it.

All of us are only here on Earth one time, so why destroy your life with alcohol.  Make the best of each day whether you are a single person or have a family.  Everyday we wake up and open our eyes to a new day is so precious, so lets enjoy life the way God intended us to do.

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  1. I have nothing against drinking alcohol detox symptoms alcohol when it is done responsibly and not abuse it. I am the first to say I loved drinking alcohol,


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