Thursday, October 18, 2012

Are You A Social Drinker Or An Abuser Of Alcohol

Where is that fine line between are you a social drinker or an abuser of alcohol?  

Where is that line drawn in your life?  Can you honestly say you don't abuse alcohol?  Do you overdue your drinking when you go out?  How can you tell which person you are?

Here is my answers to these most important questions, and may mean if you are a social drinker or an alcoholic and a abuser to alcohol.
For one, I was the type of person that loved to drink alcohol and not a shamed to say so. I didn't make any excuses of why I drank alcohol, I just drank with really no reason.  Many people that drink alcohol drink just to be social and never overdue the alcohol.  Those people know when to stop drinking alcohol and then there are those like myself, that never know when to quit.

I always wished that I could have a beer or two in an evening and call it quits for the night, but I could not do that.  I needed to continue to drink until I got the buzz I was looking for.  How about yourself, are you this way too or do you know when enough is enough?

How about this:  Are you the type of person that can only drink alcohol and not eat until you are through drinking, or can you drink alcohol and eat together?  For myself, it was either drinking alcohol or eating.  I never wanted to drink and eat at the same time, because if I drank and ate food it would fill me and my buzz would just go away, and then it was time to sleep.  Is that you?  Can you drink and eat or do you do one or another?

While I am writing this it really makes me sick to hear myself and how pitiful I was.  How in the world can any of us let alcohol control our lives?  It truly is sad isn't it?

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