Friday, July 10, 2015

Does Life Get Any Easier While In Recovery

Many people that have had an addiction to alcohol/drugs and surrendered to their addiction ask themselves, "does life get any easier while in recovery?"

As for myself, I stopped drinking alcohol back in October of 2009.  Times were really tough, but I brought a lot of those bad times on my own with the addiction to alcohol I had.  I often wondered while I drank, "can life be better than this life I now lead being an alcoholic?"

To tell you the truth, yes it is so much better living a life of sobriety, but the problems I had back when I drank alcohol still exist.  Financial problems still are there, but the only difference is, now being sober, is that I can handle them much better than when I drank.

So many people in our world are struggling trying to just make ends meet, and living pay check to pay check.  I feel sorry for all those that have to live that sort of life.  I have always said, " if I had a choice of being financially set, or have my health, I would always choose my health, and that is exactly what I have.

I have no money even though I work full time and struggle each week trying to make ends meet just as millions of other people around the world do, but I have great health and that is so much more important than being financially secure.

Maybe one day my life and all those people that are struggling now will get a bit easier.  Recovery is a struggle each and everyday, not only for me, but all those struggling with me and trying to stay sober each and everyday.

One day at a time so they say, but when you and I struggle with life itself you tend to get that urge to drink to hopefully ease the pain of what you are going through,, but you and I know for a fact drinking alcohol will never ever solve a thing in life, in fact it will be worse than ever.

You and I just have to hang in there and live life one day at a time and never let your life's problems make you go back to that horrible life we once had while being addicted to alcohol or drugs.

Things will get better when we least expect it to happen.

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